Blogging? Really, me?

Huh, so it finally happened. I swore one day to the deity whose existance I doubt that he should kill me if I ever decided to start a blog. So if I suddenly stop blogging, it means he succeeded. I always thought blogging was meant for self-centered people who never can get enough of boosting their ego. Well, I pretty much still do. But I think that applies more to people who only write about what they had for breakfast, how they missed the school bus, which fast food restaurant they decided to visit this particular day, and how they got so insecure after wasting money on something so delicious yet so greasy, that they just had to go for a quick visit to the gym (which mainly consists of them running for 10 minutes, then staring for the rest of the evening at that handsome hunk lifting weights and punching a bag). Then of course sharing every blog entry on Facebook, because of course every single one of your approximately 1000 “friends” will without hesitation read it with uttermost interest.

But no, I’m not here to bash these narcissistic, yet self-loathing people. I’m here for a much more important reason. And that reason is reason. Oh yeah, pun intended. The voice of reason has never been this shrill as it is today. Reasonable people have had to suffer because of social natural selection apparently favoring ignorance. Why? I’m pretty sure we’ll get to that later on. While a place to vent, this blog should also be a place for others to weigh in with their opinions, but please, do keep your backwoods, inbred thoughts to yourself. But all monkeys are welcome to discuss rationally.

That’s it for this time. I don’t want to impose too much at one time.


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