About this blog…

I hope you didn’t think that I had been smited. Nope, far from it. But I have been doing some thinking. You know I pretty much despise blogging, and this blog was just something I whipped up by a sudden impulse, with not much thought to it. I thought that after I had my own blog I’d start feeling more comfortable with the idea of keepin it going. But I was wrong. The problem here is that I’m still quite uncertain as to how personal I should be. It’s impossible not to be at least a bit personal. But I’d like to avoid telling much about my life, even if I’d have some relevant examples when writing an entry about a particular subject. But I’m not really sure at the moment what I should write about. It’s not that I wouldn’t have anything to write about, believe me, my head is full of ideas. But all my thoughts are so scrambled together that I don’t really know how and where to start. Just give me some time. Once I get my first relevant post written, there will be no stopping me once I’m on a roll.


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