The right to not give rights

Okay, so we’ve finally arrived at the point of my first judicious blog post. I think I’m going to have to sometimes go in on personal experiences, just to give my blog that personal touch it might need. But today is not that day. Today I want to discuss religion and law. We all have heard the statement “You might not have faith, but you could show a little more respect for those of us who have”, or at least we’ve heard something in the ballpark of that. Okay, I do admit, sometimes I can feel a bit cruel and bad after bashing someone for his or her faith, but how far does this respect have to go? Do we have to respect a certain church’s or religion’s dogma so much, that we are willing to give them legal permissions others can’t have?

I’ve heard of churches that legally can buy and possess marijuana, since their religious views include the view that marijuana is the best way to get as close to God as possible. More recently the state of New York has given legal permission for rabbis to suck the penis of an infant during a “sacred” ritual in conjunction with the ceremonial circumcision. Seriously people, are you fucking retarded? Marijuana is legal of religious reasons, but you can’t permit hospitals to prescribe it, even though it might be utterly necessary? And, excuse me while I puke so hard my intestines follow on the way out, you really allow a form of pedophilia? Is this really how far you’re willing to go to grant the religious freedom people should have?

We have religious freedom, but we can’t go around allowing people to do things, especially as horrific as this Jewish-orthodox ritual. We have no right to give rights to certain people that other people don’t have, just as we can’t take away the rights of others just because one religion gets offended. Churches can’t smoke marijuana if not everybody has the right to do so, just as Muslims can’t forbid everyone from eating pork just because they find it to be against the word of God. Seriously people, this is the 2010’s. Get your shit together. Giving rights or taking them away, just to satisfy grown-ups with imaginary friends is not what this millennium is for. What if I started my own church, because that doesn’t really seem to be that hard today, and said that our religious dogma tells us to rape women, since that is a sacred ritual, and God told me it’s okay, since it will remind society that he has made man the superior and dominant sex? You might say “But all those innocent women don’t belong to your church! You can’t behave like that with people who don’t believe in your dogma!”. True, just like Jewish-orthodox babies have much to say about whether they want their penis cut and then sucked or not.

This is a time where we should realize that religion should have minimal to no say or power whatsoever, and no place in politics or the education system. We have a far too wide grasp of the reality of our existence to give any rights, or respect for that matter, to people who cling on to comfortable fairy tales without any critical thinking or evidence to support their preposterous claims. If we really want to achieve the somewhat utopian society in the future, we have to start by eliminating this virus of faith, as Richard Dawkins calls it. We waste too much time, money, and education on religion. Religion had it’s chance to improve the world. You know what that chance is nowadays called? “The Dark Ages”. Without that period we might very well now be exploring the cosmos, far outside our own solar system.

Do keep your faith, if it makes you feel good. But please, don’t take it with you into politics or education, and for God’s sake (yeah, trying to be funny), don’t force it on your kids. One of those kids could develop the cure for cancer, or HIV, or find out the truth behind dark matter, or find out what happened two milliseconds before the big bang. He can’t do that if he grows up with your fairy-tales and wants to live his life telling those same lies to everybody else.


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