‘Tis the Season

Yet again one month has passed without a single post here. I do sincerely apologize, especially since I now realized that the amount of readers has risen drastically. I’m still working on the very juicy article I promised you last time, but it’s nowhere finished. I think I’m going to have to split it up into smaller parts, so maybe I should post the first part here now. But I’ll have to clean it up a bit before posting it, but I promise you you’ll get it soon enough. I’m still very busy with too much to do, not sleeping that well during the nights, but I manage. Once 2013 kicks in, I’ll have more spare time, which I will put into improving this blog.

As it is soon Christmas, I thought I’d talk about this particular Christian holiday. Christians, especially in the USA, seem to be flipping shit about people saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. They also seem to dislike the spelling “Xmas”, going “KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS!”. Seriously, this is stupid. Who gives a fuck about who says what? I would also like to mention that I dislike the fact that atheists feel the need to rebel by deliberately saying “Happy Holidays”. Just say/write what the fuck feels most natural. I’m an atheist and feel no discomfort in wishing people a “Merry Christmas”. What comes to the “Xmas” part, Christians should flip less shit about things and do some research. It’s not a meaningless Latin “X” that erases their beloved savior, but the Greek letter Chi, and Christ in Greek is Χριστός, Xristos.

But what about all this talk about a “war on Christmas”? I have no fucking idea about what people are talking about. Yes, I’m an atheist, but in no way do I want to abolish the fine tradition of Christmas, since that’s exactly what it is: a tradition. I decorate my home with red and green, maybe a plastic Christmas tree, I bake pastries according to local tradition, and I even put out my small figurines of the nativity scene, feeling in no way odd at all to be an atheist having Jesus lying in a crib with people and animals chilling around him on my living room table. Christians might find this very odd, but that’s since for them Christmas is a much bigger deal (apparently), since it celebrates the birth of their savior. “Why the hell do you celebrate Christmas, it’s completely meaningless for you!”. Au contraire, it has a lot of meaning for me. I get to take some time off, meet family and friends, eat a big feast which I’ve been waiting for all year, and all other things that Christians like about Christmas, I just don’t celebrate it for the sake of Jesus. I celebrate it since it is a tradition, a big part of our history. It’s my and all other westerners’ Christian heritage, which in no way should be abolished just since it sometimes was religious. Yes, I say was, since there is not much religious about the holiday anymore anyway. Even Christians themselves tend to focus less and less on the actual reason they should celebrate Christmas, and focus more on things like Santa and buying presents. Yes, I’m very sure that a socialist guy like Jesus, who “entered the temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling there” (Matthew 21:12), would very much approve that his birthday is celebrated by giving in to a capitalistic consumer society and buy stuff. An atheist celebrates Christmas in pretty much the same way as a Christian, only leaving out the fairy tale part. Or perhaps an atheist might include the fairy tale part, but regard it as such. Any Christian who finds this meaningless and stupid? Let me tell you about Christmas and why it is only a tradition and why one can be satisfied with celebrating it without a belief in Jesus.

Do you send Christmas cards? Sing carols? Do you deck the halls with holly or hang up a mistletoe? Do you have a feast, hang up stockings, exchange gifts and bring in a Christmas tree? I do those things too, as well as wishing people a “Merry Christmas”, and putting the nativity scene on my table and going to church to watch the nativity play. But out of all these things only the latter ones come from Christianity. Singing carols and sending greetings stems from the celebration of the Scandinavian fertility god Yule. Wiccans are the ones who started decking the halls with holly, and Druids were the ones to start the whole mistletoe tradition. Feasts come from The Divine Mothers, deities from North Western Europe. Exchanging gifts and having a tree in your home comes from the holiday Saturnalia, in celebration of the Roman god Saturn, and hanging stockings comes from Pasqua Epiphania, an Italian goddess. Most importantly of all, Jesus was not born anywhere near the 25th of December. The Bible clearly talks about shepherds, and the north star. This means that it was spring, not December. The reason we celebrate Christmas on the 25th is because it coincided with the Roman Saturnalia feasts. The 25th is also common in other traditions, like Mithraism, where they celebrated the sun’s rebirth on the 25th. So unless all Christians are willing to celebrate their saviors’ birth during the spring, without gifts, feasts, caroling, Christmas trees and all the other TRADITIONS we have in the Christmas celebration, they should shut their piehole and understand that most things about their celebrating is also “meaningless”.


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