Children are evil

I don’t know if any of you caught the 795th episode of The Atheist Experience, titled “Argument from Making Sense”. There was a lot of talk about morality there. You know there are a lot of religious people saying that atheists can’t be moral beings since they don’t have divine guidance. Some religious people on the other hand try to claim that the fact that atheists DO have a moral backbone somehow (don’t ask me how) proves the existence of a divine being. I think we can all agree that statistically speaking, we can prove that religion doesn’t give you a sense of morality. No quite the opposite in fact. The USA is a good example, since it is a western country, one nation, but who keeps statistics by state. The most religious states, like Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, you know, the Bible Belt, have higher murder rates than non-religious states like Maine, Washington and Vermont. I’ve always said that for a very Christian nation, it is very non-Christian.

Going back to The Atheist Experience, something happened in the end of the episode that had never happened before. I can with full confidence say that the show received a call from the worst person so far to appear on the show. He was a guy named Shawn, who called in from Phoenix, Arizona to talk about morality. There was a lot of talk about how humans are actually more moral than god. The co-host of the episode, Traci Harris, made a remark that “You either have a god who sends child rapists to rape children, or you have a god who simply watches it and says ‘I’m gonna punish you’. If I could stop a person from raping a child I would. That’s the difference between me and your god”. I don’t know if Shawn’s ancestors up to 10 generations have been inbreeders and that that is the reason he spouted one of the most despicable things I’ve so far heard, or if he just didn’t know what to say and panicked, but what he said was not something you just say on live television. Or say at all, period. Keep your sick thoughts to yourselves. He tried to defend his god by saying that we portray these little children as if they were innocent when they actually are just as evil as… well, probably he was going to say the rapist. He didn’t get that far though, since the host Matt Dillahunty cut the line and told him “Goodbye you piece of shit. I was a better Christian when I was a Christian and I still am”. It’s interesting how wrong Harris was when she actually told Shawn earlier that “I think you are more moral than your god, you just haven’t realized it yet.”. Well… no. Not this creep. What makes people say things like that? Is it something that he has learned or that he just made up while under pressure? Still, someone who says antyhing like this should get his head examined. Or at least he should be locked up. Who knows what creeps like this might do?

I have not heard of any religion that’d say that children are as evil as people who rape them. But unfortunately there are religions that teach that children are born in sin. And sin is not something good. Some Christians say that children are born without sin, and just become sinful when later committing sin. But there are those who say we are born as sinful creatures. Why are we born in sin? Oh yeah, because of that ancient fairy tale of two naked teenagers and a snake. That was by the way extremely smart of god, to put the fate of humanity in the hands of two naked teenagers running around the jungle like tree-hugging hippies. Then we have the snake who pursued Eve to eat a fruit which was a big no-no, and then make Adam eat it too. One thing though makes no sense here. It is stated in the Bible that by eating the fruit this meant that sin entered the world, and thus also death. Death yeah, in about 900 years back then. But if there was no death, then… well… why the hell did god create a gastric system when he created man? If there was no death, we would have no need to eat. So why the hell were these teenagers eating!? Why were there trees and bushes with fruits and berries? It is as if he meant for everything to happen. Well, he is omniscient, so he should have known everything that was going to happen. So, he creates man with a gastric system, since he knows that without it, man first of all won’t be able to eat of the tree of knowledge, which he will, since god will create one (for some reason) and put it (for some reason) right in the garden of Eden, and second of all because otherwise man will die without one after the snake incident. So he prepares for sin to enter the world, but then flips shit when it all goes, just as he knew it would, since he is omniscient. Free will can be a bitch. Maybe you should have thought of that before you gave it to humans.


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