Part 11: Family Night

Monday, following day. Crappy day. And god didn’t make it much better. I was getting an overdose of that dude. That’s because I had willingly started another project. I went to meetings with conservative Christians. Conservative Protestants. The ignorance they spouted was far over that of Mormons. At least that of the Mormons I had met. But when it came to Mormons who didn’t try converting people, then it was about the same level of idiocy. Why did I spend all this time with these whackoes? I don’t know. I’m a highly intelligent person. Maybe there was some kind of opposite powers attracting here? That’s a fundamental law of physics. Don’t blame me, blame physics.

After the meeting with the crazy Protestants, I headed for Family Night. The subject of the night was music. Woo! No not really. The elderly couple, who happened to be the Stengers, complained about modern music being too loud and non-religious, so we all got to pick our favorite hymn from the hymn book and then we would all sing it. Fun. But it was a very good opportunity to meet other young Mormons. They were all pretty decent people, and I also liked the Stengers very much, despite their old-fashioned looks on music. We also played some games, and generally had one or two too many laughs. I have to say I really enjoyed myself. The Stengers had also prepared some food for us. Thank you Jesus!

After Family Night we played some mean floorball. To be honest I really wasn’t much for floorball. I would’ve wanted to play basketball instead, or handball. I never really understood why floorball was so darn popular. But nevertheless, it was nice to get to play a team sport. I hadn’t done that in over a year. These Mormons really knew how to play. And they were really fit. Of course people who don’t smoke or drink alcohol, and even keep a healthy amount of meat in their diet, are physically healthier than others. There’s no denying that. According to studies Mormons live 8 to 11 years longer than the rest of the population. With High Priests who have never smoked or consumed alcohol, this number is even greater.

After the game I realized I needed a new pair of pants. I had sacrificed them when making a way cool goal by sliding after the ball and whipping it past the goalie. The friction had also made my skin tear a little. Hey, stop whining, Jesus suffered more on the cross.

When dropping me off at my home David asked if I would be coming to church next Sunday. I told him I’d try to make it, but that I had way too much to do, so we would have to see whether or not I could make it. I really had way too many things to take care of. And I needed a day to rest too, just like god.

Everything rolled on like normal. I met the missionaries twice a week, was urged to read and pray more, and to keep the Word of Wisdom. Then god would give me some sign of his existence and that the Mormon faith was the one true faith. At one point the thing happened I knew would happen sooner or later. They asked if I wanted to get baptized.


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