Part 14: Missionaries, commence switch!

I realized I was getting pretty deep with the Mormons now. After the next Family Night the missionaries told me they’d only be teaching me once more. Then it was up to Dawkins and Hitchens to complete the teaching. Harris said she and Dennett were about to teach me something after the floorball match that night, but once I had played and joined them, they realized they couldn’t teach me. I didn’t understand what they meant. They told me that it wasn’t allowed for two female missionaries to be alone with a male pupil. So that’s why they had always brought at least one other person with them whenever they taught me! What the hell was this crazy shit!? While David was giving me a lift home, I took the opportunity to ask him about what the missionaries were talking about. He admitted that the whole thing is a bit silly. Missionaries aren’t allowed to date anyone while on mission. To make sure that no funny business is going on they have to have a third member with them, who is not a missionary. Yeah, silly is the word.

From now on Sister Harris and Sister Dennett would no longer be teaching me, but I tell you, it felt better with having two guys teach you. Especially since they were the first Mormons I had met, and I had bonded with them during Family Nights and other events. Elder Dawkins and Elder Hitchens usually came later than the Sisters. We usually met around 7 PM, instead of 1-4 PM. Our conversations focused more on the cosmological aspects of their faith. There was one thing that started to bother me though. They were, to put it bluntly, willing to become my slaves. They asked that if I needed any help, anything at all, I shouldn’t hesitate to ask. They said they could take out the trash or go shopping for me. This was very odd, to say the least. I of course said that I didn’t need any help. I couldn’t make slaves out of people in a tie!


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