Reason in kids sprouting

First of all, I’m glad to see that I haven’t lost my faithful followers. Thou art blessed. Second of all, I am very glad to have started blogging again after such a long pause. I feel like a void has been filled.

There’s a lot on my mind, a lot I’d like to write about. During my absence a lot has happened that I should weigh in on. My future posts will be in no chronological order, I’m just going to write what comes at the moment, but they are all posts of either current events or things I need to weigh in on.

Now on to today’s subject.

By saying that reason in kids are sprouting today I’m not so much saying that kids through time haven’t been reasonable. I’m saying that now it has started to show. DO you really think that reasonable kids through time have had the courage to stand up? Of course not, not like today. Today they know that there are things that need to be stood up for, and that they will gain international support. It’s mostly thanks to globalization that kids today have the chance to widen their horizons and speak up, knowing they will be heard. I am going to show you two examples of kids, who despite their young age seem more adult-like than most adults I’ve met.

This interview was done by Egyptian newspaper El Wady, in Cairo, on Oct 19, 2012. The editing and subtitles were done by Free Arabs.

In this video you see a 12-year-old boy (name unknown), talking about how democracy in Egypt is failing, and how the power held by Muslim Brotherhood is destroying their nation. The way he talks and the words he uses are simply not something you often hear from a boy this age. When he mentions Egypt is becoming a fascist theocracy, the reporter doesn’t even know what that means, and he has to explain it to her.

When asked how he knows so much, he replies that he just listens to a lot of people, and uses his own brain. He reads newspapers, watches TV, and searches the Internet. Well, I didn’t have Internet back when I was his age, at least not as easily accessible, but I still don’t think I would’ve been this engaged in things like this. Of course I’m from a country with not many problems, but this kid shows his true intellect at an age few do. At his age people thought I was a retard with ADHD.

He goes on about social and political injustices in the country, and then talks about the position of women in Egypt. He says that his is displeased with the new constitution draft, that he has read himself on the internet. He says the constitution says that men and women are equal, except when it contradicts Islamic law. He then goes on bashing Islam and saying that this basically means that men will still be superior and be able to even “discipline” their wives (read: beat the crap out of them). He says this can’t work in society.

You know something is wrong when the reporter (a woman), asks him “How can this not work, what’s wrong with it?”. He says it’s outrageous. He can’t just beat his wife almost to death and then call it “discipline”, he says that is abusive and insane if anything, and should be regarded as such.

I don’t think I myself need to add anything. This kid knows a lot more about this situation than I do, and he puts it in a consist way. I will say this though: since democracy doesn’t seem to work anyway, why not take this kid and put him in the presidents chair right away? He already seems to be more clever than most of the population, and once he grows up he would make an outstanding leader of his people.

Meet Nada al-Ahdal, an 11-year-old girl from Yemen. She, just like many other girls, was facing a possible engagement and marriage to a much older (read: sadistic, perverted, old-assed pedophile) man. Her uncle had taken her to live with him when she was very young, but her parents thought it to be a good opportunity once a wealthy man came to ask for her hand in marriage. Her uncle wouldn’t have it though, and he finally got rid of the bachelor by telling him that Nada is independent and will stop at nothing to become a musician and a singer in the future. The real deal breaker was that she does not wear a veil, and will not in the future either. *GASP*.

In the video the girl Nada, glowing with intellect and grace, tells how she is just a kid, and doesn’t want to think about marriage. She tells how her aunt got married at a young age, and how her husband was a drunk who beat her with metal chains to a point where she poured gasoline over herself and lit herself on fire, burning to death. Nada appeals to all fathers and mothers, telling them to not stand in way of childrens’ dreams, and that they should let kids be kids.

I am not ashamed to admit that I cried a little watching this video. “What about the innocence of childhood?” she asks. “I solved my problems, but not all kids can, and they might commit suicide to get away from the horrors they face”.

This is just wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to start. The thing most on my mind is “Why does the world allow this?”. Marrying away children is wrong, this is basic morals. So what if it’s legal over there? So what if it’s been in their culture for a long period of time? These are innocent children, who did not choose to be born in a place where they get arranged a marriage before reaching their teenage years. Why does the world just stand here doing nothing, when knowing of these horrors? I cannot believe this still happens somewhere in the 21st century. The longer we let these things go on, with the more shame future generations will look back to us. “Normal children don’t throw themselves into the sea to die”, are more powerful words by Nada.

There is only one thing worse than knowing of these things, and that is to encounter someone who doesn’t think this is wrong. I met someone who accused these reporters of kidnapping and “brainwashing” this kid. It’s fun how the brainwashed always claim that everybody else is brainwashed. White supremacists (read: Nazi bastards), say others have been brainwashed by multiculturalism.

Anyway, this is despicable. The guy was lucky I didn’t rearrange his face to an unrecognizable structure. Anybody who thinks that children can be forced into marriage with old-assed adults, lacks even the slightest of a moral code. These people are despicable, scum of the earth, and deserve nothing more than scraps and torment.

Islam of course, though I’ve sometimes considered it somewhat peaceful, is not anywhere near peaceful. Now that I’ve actually read the Quran I have a better grasp about what I’m talking about. And even if I hadn’t, the 4th Horseman is a former Muslim, so I don’t need to be an expert on this when I have help from someone more experienced.

Islam has it’s peaceful passages, but the religion is not one built on peace. But I’m not going to bash Islam now. I just want to note that the reason they think children can be married away like this is since that is acceptable in Islam. Everybody here knows about Muhammad and his wife Aisha, who he married when she was 6 and consummated the marriage with when she was 9.

They say “Death to those who insult the prophet!”, I say “Death to those who insult basic human decency!”.


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