Fox “News” most stupid interview yet?

I thought I’d write my posts in the order they appeared on the “I’m Back!” post, but I’m improvising a little. So sue me. Current events of ignorance are happening all the time, and I should weigh in on them. You’ll get the other posts once I actually have nothing else to write about.

I’ve been following Fox News for quite some time, mostly since they are freakin’ hilarious. And they have the best job on earth: getting paid for being an ignorant idiot sitting all pretty in a chair reading out things their “expert” bloggers have written for them. You don’t even have to be a good news anchor, since as my title hints, Fox News is not really news at all, just like MTV is not “Music” Television anymore, or the History Channel history. The anchors usually just try to embarrass the people they interview, if you can even call it “interviewing”, since it’s mainly about the hosts yelling at some poor person who is trying to make a point. I can not start listing every single thing they have done wrong over the years. If you want to have a look at the controversies yourself, check out this Wikipedia page.

Yesterday, they kind of went full retard. Honestly.

They had invited noted author and PhD Reza Aslan to talk about his new book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. If Aslan had never watched Fox News, I could understand why he obliged to do the interview. Otherwise he knew what he was in for.

Lauren Green was the host who would be interviewing him. Basically the whole 10 minutes they were talking they spoke almost nothing about his book. No, you see for Green it was more important to get to the bottom of why Aslan, a muslim, would write a book about Jesus. I think Aslan had to emphasize a whole of three times that he is an PhD in history of religion, and has three other degrees, and that he just happens to be a Muslim. He says he wrote the book as an academic, who has been studying the life of Jesus for over 20 years. He did not write the book as a Muslim.

Green still doesn’t understand why a Muslim would write about Jesus. He goes on saying that this is what an academic does. Reading, studying, researching, writing and publishing books about religion is what he does as a PhD in religion. That is his job.

He also says that the book is a scientific study about Jesus, and he is not waging a war against Jesus. He says his mother is a Christian, that his wife is a Christian, and that his brother-in-law is an evangelical pastor. It is written from a historian’s view, not a Muslim’s who seeks to mock Jesus. Aslan says the book itself goes against many of Islam’s core tenets. According to Islam Jesus was not crucified, while Aslan in his book says that Jesus most certainly was crucified. Muslims also believe Jesus was born of a virgin, something Aslan highly questions in his book.

“But… you are a Muslim”. Muslim, Muslim, Muslim. That’s basically all she says. He may have how many degrees he pleases, doesn’t change the fact he’s Muslim. Give me a fucking break, will you? Do you honestly think a Muslim can’t write about Jesus, especially since he is a PhD in history of religion? What do you have, a PhD in ignorance from some patriot bible university perhaps?

On and on again she uses the logical fallacy ad hominem, in which you criticize someone’s personal attributes instead of what he or she is trying to discuss about. She should have addressed the book Aslan had written, not what he does with his non-academic life, which is being a Muslim. It doesn’t matter if Aslan would believe that Obama is an alien, or that Santa Claus is Satan, because in the end what’s important is what he has written as an academic.

Green is basically saying that if I, who happen to be a student of comparative religion, were to write a book about say Greek mythology, I would have to really believe in Zeus for my book to be of any value for the scientific community. Ignorant much? Let me get a couple of oxen to sacrifice to him. Of course not the good parts of the oxen, those I’ll eat myself. The lousy parts are for the gods of Olympys, thanks to Prometheus, who tricked the gods in the beginning of time. All give your thanks to Prometheus, otherwise we’d have to eat the bad parts of our animals!

This is one of the main reasons why I hate religion. Not because of the indoctrination and child abuse and complete waste of time, but because it divides people, since apparently one’s religion is so freaking important. See the problem is (as I will tell more of in a future post), that religious people are arrogant, selfish, and most importantly egoistic. They believe that they have a certain truth that no one of another faith has. This automatically makes them think that they are above the rest, in every single way. That is why Green doesn’t understand, since she is a Christian, and thinks that since Aslan is a Muslim, he does not have the real truth that she has, which automatically makes him inferior to her. This is why it doesn’t matter how many degrees he has, since she is actually smarter than him, because she has found  the path to eternal life, and he will rot in Hell.

On a side note: a research done by the Fairleigh Dickinson University concluded that watching Fox News actually makes you stupid. Nothing surprising there.


One thought on “Fox “News” most stupid interview yet?

  1. Tammy says:

    I saw this interview. Almost facepalmed myself to death… Good points btw!

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