Study asserts “all religious texts are fairy tales”

Before getting to today’s post, I’d like to mention that something awesome has happened to Reza Aslan and his book Zealot: The Times and Life of Jesus of Nazareth which I spoke about in my last post. Apparently after the Fox News interview went viral, Aslan’s book became the best-selling book on, even reaching bigger sales numbers than J. K. Rowling’s literature. I think we should all thank Fox News for this wonderful and free way of sponsorship.

On to today’s subject.

Recently there was a somewhat bold and controversial (although true) statement made by scientists at the Institute of Historical Research in Washington DC. They had spent five years studying religious texts, and have now come to the conclusion that all of the holy texts religions keep dear are “man-made nonsense”.

The scientists are lead by Dr. Julius Sanreso. He gives a long statement about many aspects that are troubling with holy texts, like how the texts only encompass a short period of time, and have so many non-scientific claims. He speculates that a supernatural being would have given knowledge of history, biology and physics instead of preposterous lies. He also stands skeptical to the whole “book” and “writing” thing, asserting that language is something made up by humans. It is our way of communicating, as is writing. A supernatural being outside time and space would not really have a need for language or writing.

There is not much more to say about this study, I’m afraid, since the whole research paper won’t be available for the public until 2015. Once it is out, however, I would love to have a thorough read-through of it. I can just imagine what religious people think of this whole thing.

As a student of comparative religion and theology, I can too boldly state that at least the religious texts I’ve been studying, which are the Bible, the Quran, and the Book of Mormon, are all nothing but products of mankind, with nothing to do with reality. Of course there is some history there, and we can learn a lot from them about how people were thinking in those times, but to look for any truth there is like watching porn and hoping for good acting.


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