A wave of doubt crashes the Mormon beach

You probably remember the extensive time I spent with the Mormons last year. While it most of the time was me listening to them telling me about their teachings, there were two moments when I basically bashed their dogma as kindly as I could. One of the missionaries present in one of those bashing’s finished his missionary work shortly after, and that’s when I received a greeting on Facebook.





What I learned from this was that not much was needed to shake the pillars upon which Mormons base their faith. Mormons are very intelligent people, I won’t deny that. They have vast knowledge about a lot of things, but not about anything that they call “Anti-Mormon propaganda”. Since this is all that it takes to shake their faith, no wonder church officials say that nothing that criticizes the church should be read by any member.

Apparently my friend (oh yeah, we are good pals now I and he), is not alone with doubts. In a recent article it was revealed that many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are full of doubt. Hans Mattsson is one of them.

Hans Mattsson was actually very high up on the Mormon ladder, serving as the “area authority” of Mormons all across Europe. But in this age of the Internet, young Mormons encounter a lot of questions (questions being a big no-no for any religious organization). Some young Mormons came with questions for Mattsson that he could not answer, and when asking church officials about them, they tried to shush him down and told him not to talk about them with anyone, even his own family.

“I felt like I had an earthquake under my feet. Everything I’d been taught, everything I’d been proud to preach about and witness about just crumbled under my feet. It was such a terrible psychological and nearly physical disturbance.”

This is of course a very horrible thing, and I really wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. But this is why it is wrong to indoctrinate children, since then they might just end up feeling like Mattsson did.

Several events have been held for Mormons who are struggling with doubt, and they have seen quite many attendees. Some are on the brink of leaving the church, and some are there just to find answers and strengthen their faith.

A survey has actually shown that many of ex-Mormons have been in high positions within the church. Out of 3,300 ex-Mormons, 50% of the men and 40% of the women had been in a high position.

All of you who have read my article on Mormonism know how I feel about the religion. It is extremely obvious it is fake, it is sexist, it is racist, it is hypocritical, condescending, child-abusive, and plainly messed up. This is not a religion. This is a cult. A cult that hopefully soon will crumble and fall. I somehow feel that my work with this church is nowhere near ended.


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