Blogging? Really, me?

About this blog…

The right to not give rights

I should weigh in on this

Blasphemous pineapples

Busy, busy, busy

‘Tis the Season

God of War

Children are evil

Teaching the controversy

It is finally complete + Part 1: Intro

Part 2: How it all began

Part 3: Arrival in Dis

Part 4: The cousin

Part 5: Mormon cosmology

Part 6: Let the teaching begin

Part 7: Engaging in the literature… and the praying

Part 8: Word of Wisdom

Part 9: To church we all wander happily

Part 10: Home sweet Mormon Home

Part 11: Family Night

Part 12: Law of chastity

Part 13: Whoring for Jesus

Part 14: Missionaries, commence switch!

Part 15: Preparing for my baptism

Part 16: Final showdown

The Evolution of Satan

I’m Back!

Reason in kids sprouting

Rise of non-religousness

Fox “News” most stupid interview yet?

Study asserts “all religious texts are fairy tales”

A wave of doubt crashes the Mormon beach


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